Krug Grande Cuvée 166 Éme Brut Champagne 75 cl i gaveæske


Modeled on the 2010 vintage, this Grande Cuvée is a blend of 140 wines from 10 different years, the youngest of which dates back to 2010 and the oldest to 1998.

The 166th Edition is laden with the class and complexity we have come to expect from Krug's Grande Cuvée and it will continue to evolve elegantly for years to come.

Ever since Krug began clearly numbering each new edition, Grande Cuvée has been snapped up by collectors keen on acquiring the new release. As a result, it is now very highly sought-after and stocks are scarce. Make sure you don’t miss out on this limited release.

Pris pr. flaske
Kr.  1.250,00